RSU #40 / MSAD #40
Medomak Middle School Staff Directory

Staff members can be contacted through email by using the format below and replacing the firstname and lastname with the staff members name from the contact information in this page.


Katherine Race Principal
Beth Ahlholm Assistant Principal
Matt Lash Athletic Director
Laurie Lee Secretary
Candy Powell Secretary


Teaching Staff


Subject / Grade Level     Teacher Website
Ashanti Barter Special Education      
Paul Berube Math         
Ashley Bissonnette Social Studies & Language Arts     Mrs. Bissonnette Website, click here
Josh Carpenter Alternative Education      
Penelope Christ Science      
Mark Davis Social Studies & Language Arts     Mr. Davis Website, click here!
Jackson Fortin Health/Consumer Education     Health Ed Website, click here!
Karen Gardiner Social Studies & Language Arts      
Cherie Hunter Resource Room      
Colleen Jaques Resource Room      
Lowell Jones Alternative Education      
Lorraine Knight Social Studies & Language Arts      
Jennifer Lee Math       
Tenley Libby Physical Education     PE Website - Click here!
Courtney McCormick Special Education      
Tiare Messing Resource Room      
Laura Mewa Guidance     Guidance Website - Click here!
Lynda Pinkham Math Intervention      
Kelly Robbins Science      
TBD Librarian      
Julie Sanborn Instrumental Music/Chorus     Music Website - Click here!
Gabriel Schuft School Social Worker      
Kelly Steppe Special Education      
Kristin Sims Science      
Christine Suver Social Studies & Language Arts      
Linda Trenholm Technology      
Amy Watson Social Studies & Language Arts      
Andrea Williamson Math       
Libbie Winslow Art     Art Class Website - Click here!


Support Staff

Bonnie Augustine   Food Service
Wayne Barrows   Technology
Anne Beverage   Food Service
Paige Bossow   Educational Technician
Elizabeth Casey   Educational Technician
Melissa Daigle   Food Service
Marsha Dailey   Educational Technician
Ben Flynn   Educational Technician
Denise Gould   Library Aide
Jill Huber   Educational Technician
Lacy Oakes   Educational Technician
Heidi Overlock   Food Service
Tracie McLain   Educational Technician
Lindsay Ranquist   Educational Technician
Joan Ridgeway   Educational Technician
Linda Schumann   Custodial Staff
Jessica Severson   Educational Technician
Amanda Shelmerdine   Health Aide
Alanna Starr   Educational Technician
Erin Strout   Educational Technician
Myah Tabbutt   Educational Technician
Sherri Vail   School Nurse
Kim Wellman   Custodial Staff
Dean York   Custodial Staff
Brad Yost   Educational Technician


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