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RSU #40 / MSAD #40
Medomak Valley High School Staff Directory

Staff members can be contacted through email by using the format below and replacing the firstname and lastname with the staff members name from the contact information in this page.



Andrew Cavanaugh Principal
Tamra Philbrook Ass't Principal
Linda Pease Ass't Principal
Steve Ocean Special Ed Coordinator
Matthew Lash Athletic Director


Teaching Staff


Subject Teacher Website

Julia Adams

Special Ed  
Tammy Anderson Day Treatment  
Krisanne Baker Art  
Melissa Barbour English  
Elizabeth Bianchi Chemistry  
Dana Crane Life Science  
Audrey Ennamorati Language Arts  
Heather Faria Spanish  
Paul Forest Math  
Alison Hanley Spanish  
Scott Hastings Social Studies  
Jennifer Hatch Science  
Keith Hill Social Studies  
William Hinkley Math  
Brooke Holland Art  
Tyler Hilchey LEAD  
Randall Hooper Math  
Steven Hutchings Math  
Anna-Marlies Hunter Music  
Larry Jensen Phys Ed  
Susan Jones Social Studies  
Chris Kurek Social Studies  
Jesse Langford Accipiter  
Neil Lash Anatomy/Horticulture  
Rebecca Lash Biology/Literacy  
Andrea Lovell Day Treatment  
Christopher Lynch Science  
Kali Martin Spec Ed  
Ryan McNelly Science  
Amy Nazzaro French  
Jacob Newcomb Social Studies  
Neil Payson Math  
Greg Rice Resource Room  
Kevin Richardson Science  
Bradford Robbins Chemistry  
Willow Rogers Health  
Jeffrey Ross Phys Ed  
Peter Stuart Band  
Seth Walton School to Career  
Heather Webster English  
Robin Westcott Resource Room  
Larry Wheelis Math  
Richard Worner English  
Harolyn York Student Achievement Ctr  


Support Staff

Lois Anderson Head Custodian
Wayne Barrows Technology
Leanne Benner Guidance
Owen Bundy Ed Tech
Brian Campbell Speech
Heidi Castner Head Cook
Melissa Corbett Technology
Maida Cordero Guidance
Viola Davis Library
Andrea Donlin Cafeteria
Debbie Duncan Guidance
Jessy Flanders Guidance Secretary
Jeremiah Golding Ed Tech
Terry Gould Ed Tech
Alyson Graham Ed Tech
Lisa Gunn Administrative Ass't
Wanda Hayes Ed Tech
Lynn Higgins Ed Tech
Adele Hills Cafeteria
Margaret Hunt Registrar
Norma Hunt Ed Tech
Valerie Jackson Ed Tech
Ellen Jameson Ed Tech
Pam Jameson Cafeteria
Matthew Kopishke Technology
Monique Lamore Sweetzer
Peggy Martin Cafeteria
Penny Morrill Att. Secretary
Chuck Nguyen Social Worker
Debra Oliver Administrative Ass't
Niva Poland Ed Tech
Greg Rice Ed Tech
Karen Salenius Ed Tech
Amanda Shelmerdine Health Office Aid
Christopher Spear SRO
Carrie-Sue Stevenson Ed Tech
Jon St. Peter Sweetser
Patricia Swain Ed Tech
Kathy Swan Ed Tech
Debra Sedgwick Ed Tech
Marsha Figy-Stenstrom Cafeteria
Stacy Turner Ed Tech
Linda Trenholm Technology
Sherri Vail Nurse


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