General Geography Resources

Geography World Online--using latitude and longitude
Interesting Facts about Geography

U.S. Geological Survey
Brad Bowerman's Geography Collection
Web Geography for Kids--many of these sites are listed elsewhere, but this is a nice collection of maps and games

Maps and Atlases

Map Generator
Geographical Dictionary
Maps for Kids
University of Texas Online Map Library for older students or teachers

Countries and Flags

CIA World Factbook
Geography world atlas which includes maps and geographical information.
World Flag Database--Large, printable pictures of flags of the world
Countries of the World A-Z--Includes info, maps, recipes for many world nations.


Kids Geo--This site is similar to an online textbook; it includes wonderful visuals, graphics, maps, and games. It also has many kids songs for a wide variety of topics.
Geography Education-Geo Game
GeoSpy Game
National Geographic Geography Games
Kids Geo Geography Games
CIA Games for Kids--terrific educational games for upper elementary kids

Lesson Plans

National Geographic Lesson Plans
Geography Lesson Plans and Links
Annotated Lesson Plans and Links