Regional School Unit 40
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Learning is Life Long

Christina Wotton, Director of Instruction:  207-785-2277 ext. 235 or email

RSU 40 seeks to implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum and common instruction language (Framework) which will allow multiple pathways, combination of learning opportunities, anytime, anywhere learning, and student voice and choice which are all needed as we move toward a proficiency-based, student learning system.
Areas of focus of the Director of Instruction office include: curriculum, instruction and assessment, professional development for our instructional and administrative staff, and the process for reporting student progress toward our identified measurement topics and learning targets. Measurement topics/learning targets, instruction and assessment for a student at RSU 40 are currently being aligned with the content standards as articulated within the Maine Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, and within the Parameters of Essential Learnings: Maine Learning Results 2007 for all other content areas. Flexible, yet rigorous assessments are being designed to inform instruction and provide evidence of proficiency. This evidence will be tracked using an electronic progress-monitoring tool, which will inform the learner, teacher and parent of the student’s progress in meeting all the learning needs of a Proficiency-Based Education System.

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