Regional School Unit 40
Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Policy KBF: Parent Involvement with Title IA

Dear Title IA Parents,

Federal law requires us to tell parents of Title IA students about our district policy for involving you in your child’s education. The policy below is available in legal form on our website,, or by calling the superintendent’s office.


1. Parents of Title IA students will help the district develop this policy. The policy will be given to Title IA parents each year.

2. Once a year, Title IA parents will be invited to evaluate this policy and revise it if necessary.

3. Each school will develop a School-Parent Compact once a year. This Compact outlines the responsibilities of the school, the parent, and the student in improving the student’s academic performance.

4. At least one meeting a year will be held for Title IA parents to inform them about the Title IA program. Through the Parent Advisory Council parents will be invited to help plan, review, and improve the school’s Title IA program.

5. When a child is identified for participation in a Title IA program, parents will receive an explanation of the reasons that the child needs help, a set of objectives to be addressed by the intervention, and a description of the services to be provided. Parents will receive regular reports on their child’s progress and be provided opportunities to meet with the classroom and/or Title IA teachers. Parents will also receive training, materials, and suggestions as to how they can assist in the education of their children at home.

6. The superintendent has designated that the Federal Title Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the district’s Title IA plan, programs, and parent involvement policies comply with the laws and regulations.

Legal References: 20 U.S.C. 6318

If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact me, or your child’s principal.

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