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Google Meets Board Meeting Information:

Members of the public requesting to join the meeting through Google Meets will start being admitted to the meeting no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the 7:00PM start time of the meeting. Requesting permission to enter the meeting is a security measure put in place by Google and is not intended to prohibit, nor does it prohibit, open access to the meeting. However those outside of the district google domain must be admitted and we ask that people please be patient. Google Meets does limit the participation to 250 people and that has to do with system capability and not a restriction set by the district. 

Public participation in board meetings is guided by policy BEDH. Please review this policy prior to attending the meeting.

DATE: Next schedule board Meeting:  November 18, 2021 @ 7:00 PM

Join by computer:                                                                                                                          

Join by phone:
(US)+1 407-522-4796 PIN: 530 034 220#

The following procedures for Google Meets online meetings will be implemented in accordance with policy BEDH. 

  • The public will be allowed to enter the online board meeting no sooner than 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. 

  • Microphones must be muted, or they will be muted by the Meet monitor, unless the individual is recognized by the board chair to speak.

  • Inappropriate conduct in a board meeting, including failure to stay muted, may result in removal from the board meeting.

  • Chat will be disabled for the duration of the Meet.

  • During the board agenda item “Audience with the Public”, the public will have the opportunity to post questions to the board chair using the Questions feature in Google Meet - instructions below. 

  • All other times in the board meeting except for Audience with the Public or at the direction of the board chair as outlined in district policy BEDH, the Question feature will be off. 


How to post a Question in Google Meet

As a meeting participant, you can add questions to a meeting. Anyone in the meeting can see your questions until you delete them. The meeting moderator can hide your questions and see all your deleted questions. 

  1. In a meeting, in the top-right corner, click Activities click Questions.

  2. In the lower-right corner, click Ask a question.

  3. Enter your question and click to Post.


Accessing Google Meet from a mobile device (ipad or tablet)?
Access Google Meet from the web browser and not the Meet or Hangout app. 
Your phone may try to open up the app but the Q&A feature is available in the web version. If you are having difficulties, clear your browsing history. 

Other Google Meets Question features:
Find, upvote, or delete a question

  1. In a meeting, in the top-right corner, click Activities and click Questions.
  2. To sort questions by popularity or chronologically, next to "Popular", click Down arrow  and select an option.
  3. To view everyone’s questions, click All questions.
  4. To view only your questions, click My questions.
  5. To upvote a question, on the question, click Upvote .
  6. To delete a question, on the question, click Delete .
    Tip: As a participant, you can only delete your own questions. The meeting moderator can see all deleted questions, along with who posted them, in the meeting report.





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