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Music - Vietnam Era
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face of war Music - Vietnam Era peace

The Vietnam Era (60's and 70's)
Anti-War Music
Late 1960s and early 1970s anti-Vietnam war protests, social and political background note
The Vietnam War Song Page (words)
Songs of Protest
The sounds of Vietnam
Vietnam and music of protest
Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War
Vietnam: the war of protest
Vietnam War: under fire
Music - Songs of Vietnam!!! 

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SmithsonianHistory Links for Everyone

Search the History Channel

History Links from

Maine Information from the Digital Librarian

The Smithsonian Museum

Social Studies for Kids

Information About Congress

The World Fact Book-


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Portland Press Herald

Bangor Daily News

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USA Today

The Associated Press

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United Nations News Service

Time Magazine

U.S. News & World Report

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government Government

State of Maine Homepage

Websites of Other U.S. States

U.S. Census Bureau Information and Statistics

U.S. Government Websites

Government Websites from the Library of Congress

Information About Congress

The United Nations

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globeWorld Geography

The World Fact Book

School Discovery

World Geography from U.S. Department of State

World Geography from Multnomah Library

Geography from

World Facts from The BBC

Maps from Atlapedia

Maps from Holt

World Geography from the Library of Congress

Information About Countries of the World

World Geography from

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USU.S. Geography

U.S. Geography from Multnomah Library

Geography from

From Fact Monster

U.S. Maps from Atlapedia

U.S. Maps from Holt

U.S. Maps From

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world historyWorld History

19th Century Nationalism

Castle Building with Mr. Lawler

HyperHistory World History - Virtual Library

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bismark 19th Century Nationalism

Nationalism from The History Channel

Nationalism from Wikipedia

Nationalism from Fordham University

More on Nationalism from Fordham

Nationalism from Fact Monster

World War I Encyclopedia

Nationalism in Europe

Nationalism from Encyclopedia Britannica

More from Encyclopedia Britannica

Nations and Nationalism

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ColumbusU.S. History

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spaceman The 20th Century

Search The History Channel  

Great Site on the 20th Century!  

Famous People of the 20th Century  

Engineering Feats of the 20th Century  

20th Century America  

Photographs of the 20th Century  

20th Century from Internet Public Library   

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WWI World War I

Search the History Channel

Maine State Library On-line Resources

WW I Links from Public Broadcasting

WW I Links from

WW I Links from Brigham Young University

WW I from Fact Monster

More WW I Links!

WW I Links from Fordham University

People Search

First World War

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WWIIWorld War II

Search the History Channel

Maine State Library On-line Resources

WW II Links: Florida State University

People Search

WW II Links from

More World War II Links!

World War II from Fact Monster

WW II: A European Timeline

Second World War

World War II


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Vietnam march Vietnam War

Words of Vietnam Veterans (Primary Sources)

The Vietnam Project of Texas Statw University

Vietnam Online from PBS

The Vietnam War from

Oral Histories of the Vietnam War 

Vietnam from the History Channel

Vietnam War Links from Wellesley College

Songs of the Vietnam Era

Vietnam Memorial from Smithsonion Institution

Vietnam Overview from Vassar College

Vietnam from The History Place

Vietnam Battles from PBS

Vietnam Resources from PBS

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John marshallMarshall Cases 

John Marshall Biography  
Another John Marshall Biography  
John Marshall
John Marshall Cases
Info please: John Marshall
Landmark Cases
McCulloch v. Maryland

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EuropeEuropean Geography

History and Geography of Europe: Maps and Atlases

About: Geography of the world

CIA World Factbook

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U.S. News and World Report Financial News

CNN Financial News

The Economist

Financial Times Financial News

CBS Market Watch

Reuter's Financial News

Financial Advice from Jane Bryant Quinn

Forbes Financial News

National Public Radio Financial News

The New York Stock Exchange

The Washington Post Financial News

New York Times Financial Page

Business Week Online

BBC Financial News

Financial Advice from The Motley Fool


State of Maine Business Links

USA Today Financial News

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Encyclopedia of Psychology

Psychology Informion Online

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BeethovenMusic History Elvis

A Passion for Jazz Roughstock's
History of Country Music

Classical Music
Essentials of Music

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A Million Lives

Distinguished Women

Internet Public Library Biographies

Top 100 People of the 20th Century

Biographical Dictionary