Election 2012 Resources and Links

General Election Resources

Federal Government Voting and Election Resources
Outlines the election process and explains how the Electoral College works
Maine Voter Information
State of Maine election portal
Maine Public Broadcasting
election news, candidate information, help in navigating the Maine elections (plus links to all the candidates running for U.S. Senate and House

Presidential Candidate Official Websites

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Party Platforms

Democratic Party Platform Republican Party Platform
Green Party Platform Libertarian Party Platform

On the Issues.org

is a not for profit organization. Covers and links to all the issues and candidates.


is a not for profit organization that researches controversial issues and strives to present them in an unbiased manner. Great summary charts of the issues! (there are a great many more research pro and con topics on this website aside from the election issues).

CSPAN's Candidates on the Issues

is a collection of short videos that show each candidate addressing specific issues.


a free, collaborative online encyclopedia about state politics.