Regional School Unit 40
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Appointments may be scheduled by calling the guidance office at 832-7270
or e-mailing the appropriate counselor. Fax number is 832-2280.

Mrs. Maida Cordero 
School Counselor Director

All student last names A-H
PH: (207) 832-7270 x110

Mrs. Margaret Jimi Hunt

PH: (207) 832-5389 x112

Mrs. Susan Hood,
School Counselor

All students last name I-O
PH:(207) 832-7270 x133

Mr. Nic LaBreck
School to Career Coordinator /Teacher

PH: (207) 832-5389 x143

Mrs. Leanne Benner 
School Counselor 

All student last names P - Z
PH: (207) 832-7270 x111

Mrs. Becky Butler
Guidance Administrative Assistant

PH: (207) 832-7270 x109




MVHS Scholarship Applications 




 MVHS Scholarship Applications




I am sure that some of you have already started working on your plans for after graduation, but I wanted to be sure that I sent you all of the resources you will need to do just that. In the next two weeks all Seniors will be scheduled to do a Senior Interview with your school counselor. Either in person or virtually so we can get an idea of how to best help you along your way. Please keep an eye out for an email from your counselor and just in case you forgot who your counselor is the breakdown is as follows: Mrs.Cordero A-H, Mrs. Hood I-O, Mrs.Benner P-Z.

College Bound students please start your account through Common Application here
This is the easiest way to stay organized and keep all of your items in one place. Only four year schools use this app so if a school you want to apply to doesn't use Common App, then we can help you with their particular application. Community colleges have their own applications which take about 15 minutes to complete, we can help if you need it:) 

Attached to this message are several editable PDFs that you should use to help you and us create the best recommendation letter possible. Please fill them out and get them back to your school counselor ASAP. There is one for parents/guardians as well which you can send back to your students school counselor too.

Scholarship information can be found on the MVHS School Counseling website. Most scholarships aren't due until mid spring, however you can start the application process now.

Students if you haven't already, create a gmail outside of school that you can use for all of your applications for college. That way you will have everything go to the same place and you will have access to it after you graduate.

Employment Bound students please be sure you have started resume and create an account through the Rockland Career Center here
They have tons of resources and post all new jobs daily. They even have a career inventory tool if you are still trying to figure it all out.

Financial Aid  can be tricky, but is an absolute must.  Due to the current health crisis we are unable to provide an in person Financial Aid night as usual, however FAME (Finance Authority of Maine) who usually presents for us is offering several virtual meetings this month. Please go to their website here and look at upcoming events, register for the night that works best for you.  

You and your student can create an FSA ID now here  Both of you will need one before you can start the financial aid application on October 1st.    Please be sure to write down your passwords and special questions while you create this, it is very difficult to recover if you forget your password.

As always you can reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call, email or parent square message us.  We will be in touch soon!

MVHS School Counseling Team
Maida Cordero
Susan Hood
Leanne Benner
Becky Butler


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