Regional School Unit 40




Application:   Minor under the age of 16 receives a job offer; the job offer detail is filled out a work permit application either obtained at the superintendent’s office or online— the application includes the business name, contact person, address, and telephone number, type of business and description of the job.  It must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and then submitted to the superintendent’s office.


 Academics:  The superintendent’s office will look at academic requirements as the minor must have a passing grade in a majority of classes, not be truant, and not be under school suspension.  After examining the permit, the superintendent signs the permit, forwarding all copies within 24 hours to the Maine Department of Labor, 45 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333


Approval:  The DOL’s Bureau of Labor Standards documents the permit for accuracy and compliance.  The appropriate permit is stamped “approved”, then returned to the superintendent’s office.  Denied permits, are often resolved by telephone, but for those that are not get returned to the superintendent with an explanation letter.


Employer’s COPY:   The superintendent’s office gives the student their approved employer’s copy to deliver to the employer who must keep it on file, as long as the minor is employed.




Job is a hazardous occupation

No proof of age submitted

Not signed by a birth parent/legal guardian

No proof of legal guardianship

Too young to work at 14 by Federal Law

#7 on student status not checked off

Permit lacks good job description

Minor already has an active work permit


the work permit: written Maine law:


the written Maine child labor rules:

*As written by the State of Maine Department of Labor

MVHS Process:

Parent/Guardian must go to the central office with the original birth certificate and social security card. They fill out State Work Permit Form with all information about the job including what the student will be doing for work, address and amount per hour they will be paid.  Once this form is completed sign it, mail it to the State of Maine Labor Board. Wait about 1 week.  When it comes back to central office a copy will be made and the original to the student who will then need to bring it with them on their first day of work.

If your student becomes truant, suspended or fails a majority of their classes they will receive a probation letter with a date to have expectations met. If the student is unable to meet the expectations by the designated date their work permit will be revoked.







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