Regional School Unit 40
Warren Community School Staff Directory

Staff members can be contacted through email by using the format below and replacing the firstname and lastname with the staff members name from the contact information in this page.


Justin Kangas Principal
Gabrielle LaPerriere Assistant Principal
Nicole Willis Administrative Assistant
Susan Overlock Administrative Assistant


Teaching Staff


Subject / Grade Level  
Wanda Gamage-Wyman Pre K  
Laura Straub Kindergarten  
Teresa Blachet Kindergarten  
Christine Roling Kindergarten  
Lisa Sturgis 1st grade  Mrs. Sturgis's Blog  
Janet Drost 1st grade  
Christena McIntosh 1st grade  
Sheila O'Donnell-Mullin 2nd grade  
Jerod Drost 2nd grade  
Rachel Glynn 2nd grade  
Amanda Overlock 3rd grade  
JoDell Warren 3rd grade  
Gail Tardif 3rd grade  
Steven Jacoby 4th grade  
Calvin Morin 4th grade  
Jackie Woodruff 4th grade  
Rachel Siegel 5th grade  
Jan Costigan 5th grade  
Robert Hunter 6th grade  
Laurie Johnson 6th grade  
Madison Sturks STEP Program  
Karen LaBombarde K-2 DT  
Jill Ganz 3-6 DT  
Crystal Priestley Art  
James Boyd Music and Band  
Adam Newell Physical Education  
Sara Pfahler Guidance  
Louise Bakley Speech Clinician  
Wendy Rich Physical Therapy  
Erin Jackson Occupational Therapy  
Angela Hoch Literacy Interventionist  
Sharon Walker-Spencer Literacy Coach  
Joslyn Couch Literacy Interventionist  
Lisa Reibel Resource Room  
Mikayla Sinitris Resource Room  


Support Staff

Dianne Lundevall Kitchen
Claire Bradstreet Kitchen
Beckie Gracie Kitchen
Rhonda Grubbs Head Custodian
Stuart Elliott Custodian
Penny Dostie Custodian
Maurice Stockbird Librarian
Cindy Norwood Library Ed Tech
Karina Decker Gifted and Talented Program
Heather Emerson School Nurse
Melissa Soiett Health Aide
Maureen Benner Classroom Ed Tech
Kyle Reniche LCSW for Day Treatment
Ben Cooke Day Treatment Ed tech
Keisha Jameson Day Treatment Ed Tech
Liz Smith Day Treatment Ed Tech
Heather Grotton-Emerson Day Treatment Ed Tech
Mary O'Herin Day Treatment Ed Tech
Jenn Grindle STEP Ed Tech
Kim Durkee STEP Ed Tech
Kelly Wilcox STEP Ed Tech
Crystal Young STEP Ed Tech
Stacey Holub STEP Ed Tech
Michelle Boggs STEP Ed Tech
Suzan Wayne Resource Room Ed Tech
Stacey Fowler Resource Room Ed Tech
Devon Hargrove Pre K Ed Tech


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