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Northwest Evaluation Association
Partnering to help all kids learn

With NWEA reports, educators can:

    * Evaluate how they are impacting the academic growth of each student.
    * Diagnose the instructional needs of every student.
    * Examine trends over time to evaluate program effectiveness.
    * Guide staff development plans.

The purpose of assessment is to obtain meaningful results that educators use to improve student learning. NWEA has carefully structured a variety of reports to provide students, parents, teachers, principals, and district-office staff critical information to confidently base decisions.

Northwest Evaluation Association is a non-profit organization that engages in ongoing, supportive relationships with partnering school districts and education agencies throughout the United States. With more than 2700 partner districts, NWEA fosters a community of educators that is dedicated to improving teaching and learning. NWEA provides products and services to measure and promote academic student growth and school improvement. These include accurate assessments, timely reporting, practical classroom resources, and ongoing professional development.


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